Meet Erica!

K09A5634Erica Vanaver is an intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium, and empath.  She first discovered this at the age of three when she saw people and things no one else did.   So, like many children (and adults!) Erica pushed these abilities away, for years!  When she was in her thirties, she discovered that intuition is the door that opens all possibility, and is the key to opening up psychic abilities, opportunity, and the road to peace.  She then realized her life purpose is to help others make these discoveries in themselves!

How do these abilities work?  For Erica, clairvoyance allows her to see pictures, images, and energy.  Her clairaudience allows her to hear Angels, spirit voices, and thoughts.  As an energetic medium, she can help those who have lost loved ones to heal, and find peace.  And as an empath, she can take on the emotions of the client and anyone else the client is asking about, to provide clarity on emotions, and a pathway to healing them!

Since 2006, Erica has been providing intuitive guidance to those in need, and helping her clients recognize, honor, and follow their own intuitive hunches, heal from the past, change their thinking, and create the lives they want!  From 2007 to 2014, Erica worked on one of the top internationally known psychic guidance lines where she conducted over 25,000 readings for hundreds of clients!

In 2009, Erica was adopted by Quentin the Cat, and Quentin’s Pages was formed in 2012, with Quentin the Cat as Chief Feline Officer.

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rosemont College in Business Communications, Erica holds a Master of Arts degree from Arcadia University in English, where she studied Southern Fiction, specializing in Mark Twain and William Faulkner.  Erica also loves exclamation points!  And, Erica is here to blog for you on topics such as energy, the Law of Attraction, working with your intuition, and more!!!

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For more on Quentin the Cat, see Quentin’s Page!

 Picture of Erica courtesy of Betsy Barron Fine Art Photography.