Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Intuition? Intuition is your inner knowing, and manifests itself through gut feelings, hunches, and creativity.  Some define it as our connection to the Divine manifesting through us.  When we connect to our intuition and honor it, we can create a map for making everything work, and create exactly what we want in our lives!

What is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is many things, but its essential meaning is that anything you do, think, or say comes back to you multiplied.  So if you focus on fear, you get back fear.  If you focus on faith in yourself, you get back miracles!

What Happens in an Intuitive Consultation? In an intuitive consultation, we “take a look” at where you are and what you want to work on.  We confirm you are on the right path for you, and that you are connecting to and honoring your intuition.  Sometimes, this requires making sure you have released the past, and that you follow a series of steps toward changing your thinking!

How Long Does an Intuitive Consultation Take? It depends on on the following factors:  What you want to work on, where you feel you are, and what you want to create in your life.

How Long Will Erica Work With Me? As long as you wish!  At the time of the consultation, Erica will provide you with a list of recommendations that you can work on, on your own, and will stay with you throughout your progress as long as you wish, however, as Erica makes sure that you have the tools to make the changes needed, no additional consultations are required.

Is One Consultation Enough? As noted above, each client varies.  Sometimes, additional consultations are recommended, but not required.  Erica will work with you as long as you want her to!

What is Your Payment Policy? Payment is required prior to the consultation.  For prices or to book an appointment, click here!

What is Your Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?   We will contact you with a reminder the day before your appointment, and any reschedule requests are honored.  If you cancel within less than 24 hours, we remove ten minutes of credit from your balance.

Do You Guarantee That My Life Will Change and That Everything You Say Will Happen?  No.  Your life and world should certainly change as your thinking does, but you are directing that, and we all move at different paces.  And intuitives are given information, but we’re not God and can’t guarantee any specific results for you.

What is Your Refund Policy? We do not give refunds.

What does “Quentin’s Pages” mean? When Quentin the Cat first adopted Erica, she was finishing her Master of Arts degree in English at Arcadia University, and in the middle of a gigantic final project.  She had many, many books and papers which Quentin the Cat, then Quentin the Kitten, proceeded to eat.  Soon she had regular pages, and Quentin’s pages, which had little teethmarks in the corners, which made her smile.  She decided that if she ever started her own business, she would call it Quentin’s Pages!

What if I have additional questions that aren’t answered here? Write us!